Ways in Which You Can Detect That You Are Buying Real Jewelry

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It has been observed that a number of people purchase fake jewelry as they are not able to detect the difference between real and fake ones. The chances of buying fake ornaments tend to increase especially when you purchase jewelry from a jeweler who you have never visited before. This is why it is extremely important to check the stamp of jewelry, weight, certificate, and hallmark of the jewelry. You should also be careful about the shine and smoothness of your jewelry before you make the payment.

You can consider the following tips that are given below if you want to understand whether you are purchasing real jewelry or fake jewelry.

Hallmark or stamp

Reputed jewelry will always come with hallmark or stamp and it is also important that you check it before you purchase a piece of jewelry. It does not matter whether you are purchasing silver, platinum, or gold. When you see the stamp, you will understand that the particular piece that you have decided to buy is genuine. It is crucial that you ask a shopkeeper or a vendor to show the hallmark.

Certificate when you purchase Diamonds

Diamonds always tend to come with a certificate of authenticity, which will help you to understand if they are real or fake. When you have decided to purchase diamond jewelry, you should always ask for the certificate. If you see that the jeweler is not providing a certificate, you can rest assured that the jewelry that you have selected is not of the real diamond.

Testing gold with a magnet

You need to understand that gold can never be attracted to a magnet. If you are confused about your gold jewelry, you have the option of testing it with a magnet. If you see that the jewelry piece is sticking to a magnet, it is obvious that it is nothing but fake gold.

Checking the company

If you have decided to buy a piece of jewelry online, it is best to check about the company and find out if it has a good image, before you proceed to make your payment. If you feel that there is a piece of information that is missing about the company or there is no clear picture of the item that you want to purchase, it is best to refrain from buying it. Always purchase from artificial Kundan jewellery manufacturer in India, to get the best quality pieces of jewelry

Checking the piece of jewelry

It is important that you check your jewelry piece even before you have swiped your card at the payment counter. Ensure that the jewelry piece is extremely smooth, and it is not soldered. If you see that the piece is soldered, the best thing to do is not purchase it. It might sound really weird but you can also try biting a piece of jewelry to check if dents are forming. If a dent forms, it means it is fake jewelry.


It is extremely easy to make imitation pieces of jewelry that resemble the original ones. This is why you should keep the aforementioned tips in mind so that you can easily identify between a fake and real piece of jewelry.

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