Ways to Finance Treatment Even When You’re Broke

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There are so many addicts in the world who would do everything in their power to be able to go to treatment, but the only thing stopping them from being able to get the help they need is finances. Addiction is the thief that comes in and not only takes your finances, it takes your belongings, your relationships, your livelihood and your happiness, and many other things.

There are so many reasons a person finds themselves within the irons chains of addiction. Sometimes it’s generational, sometimes it’s emotional, sometimes it’s physical, sometimes it’s all of the above and a host of other reasons. The point of the matter is that it’s a tragedy anytime somebody falls prey to addiction and can’t find their way out.

If you’re in this boat and the only reason you’re not able to attend treatment is because you can’t secure the finances, here are things you can do:

Find A Place Compatible With Your Insurance

Though you’ve probably already looked into this, if you find a rehab facility that will work with your insurance company, this might be the break that you need. It might take a bit of searching on your part, and you will probably have to fill out several forms to verify your insurance with different centers, but your health is worth the work you’ll have to put in. If you’re lucky enough to find a place that will work with your insurance, that’s the solution to your finance issues right there.

Find A Church With A Program

If you don’t have insurance, it sucks, you’re stuck in a job with measly insurance coverage, or you don’t have a job, you’re going to have to seek out other methods of financing your treatment. A great place for you to start is with churches in your area.

You might have a vendetta against the church, you might not, but in the end, the true heart of the people is to help and there are many churches out there that offer up programs to help addicts. Whether this means they have a program within their church, or if their members offer up money to help those who need it afford recovery, the resource is there and it might be about you getting over your pride and seeking it out and accepting the help.

Have Somebody Else Handle Your Money

At this point in your life you might not be able to handle your own money without it going to feed your addiction. It’s normal and natural for addicts to do this. It’s very hard for you to function without your fix. If this is the case, financing treatment might be as simple as having somebody else handle your money. Every time you get paid, make them make you give them a chunk of money. Even when you beg for it, they can’t give it back. When you want to go to treatment, you then have a stash of money available.

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