Week 45 Frumpy to Fabulous-Skip the All You Can Eat for $7.95 Buffet

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Welcome to Week 45 of the Frumpy to Fabulous series, this week’s habit change is to skip the all you can eat for $7.95 buffet.

Most of the food in buffets are sitting in oils, breading, sauces and tons of salt until they are prepared.

You can easily eat 3,500 calories at a buffet. 3,500 calories=1 pound=2o minutes at a buffet

You never feel fabulous after eating at a buffet.

I hope you are enjoying the Frumpy to Fabulous series. If you have missed any previous weeks you can checkout all of the posts on the Frumpy to Fabulous Pinterest Board.

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  • Victoria H

    I tend to skip going to buffets. When I go I usually only eat crab legs and ours are more than $10.00 so it turns out to be a waste of money.

  • Susan Vanhoose

    I try to stay away from buffets too

  • Dawn Kropp

    So, true! I never feel fabulous after leaving a buffet. Thanks for the enlightenment, I had no idea about the process of buffet food prior to being served/cooked, etc.

  • Denise Taylor-Dennis

    I don’t eat at buffets to often maybe once or twice a year.

  • I usually avoid going to buffets, I think the last one I’ve been to was maybe 3 years ago in San Antonio, TX with some friends. They really are mostly greasy foods. My healthy food for the family cooked is way cheaper than eating out anyway.

  • Savannah Miller

    I hate buffets! The last time my hubby convinced me to go to one both myself and my youngest got super sick! We aren’t use to taking in all that oil and salt and bad stuff! I wish my hubby would skip them more. Not that he is over weight, but eating all that bad stuff is harsh on the body in general.

  • jennifer zuna

    i like buffets but for the opposite reason…i can take just a little of something and not waste lol im not a big eater..

  • Angie Agerter

    I have to admit I like buffets, but only certain kinds. I usually eat mostly fruits and veggies though and that in itself makes me happy!

  • Stacie Wyatt

    i love buffets, but not with my kids. Too hard making multiple trips to carry everyone’s food. Kalen is 2 and Brad is 12. Brad can carry a small plate but not a whole tray with multiple plates, without causing a safety issue. I remember there used to be one buffet, which the servers helped carry your food to the table, and even went and got food for you, so you would not have to get up again lol.

  • Maryann D

    Buffets are fun, but I do not visit them often because i know I eat more then I need to. I would rather have a sit down meal.

  • Renee Addison-Hutchinson

    I am glad I read this I usually go to buffets.

  • Mary Gallardo

    I really love buffets, but I understand the feeling of not feeling fab afterward!

  • Sweet Silly Sara

    You are right a buffet spells disaster. I try not to go to them for the germ factor alone, plus the food is always so bad for you anyhow

  • Michelle Elizondo

    I love buffets! They are cheap, and the food is good enough, lol.

  • ruthhill74

    When I go to the buffet, I am extremely conscious of what I eat. My dad can truly eat enough for several of us anyway. We don’t visit buffets often, but when we do, I still eat healthily!

  • Yvonne

    I suppose if you have a tendacy to over eat or only eat oily high fat foods then you should stay away. As a vegetarian, it is fun for me to try out different foods beyond the normal salad. And When I might do this once a year, I don’t see it as a big deal!

  • veronicalee

    I don’t usually go for buffets but when I do I binge and feel really guilty afterward.

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