Week 47 Frumpy to Fabulous-Make A Smart Beverage Swap

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Welcome to Week 47 of the Frumpy to Fabulous series, this week’s habit change is to make a smart beverage swap.

Energy drinks, flavored waters, sodas and coffee drinks can add up to plenty of empty calories. When you are trying to lose weight it is never a good idea to drink your calories.

  • you can start by having one every other day
  • then the next week commit to only having one during the week
  • you will notice that you will have more energy
  • waistline will decrease
  • you will save money

I hope you are enjoying the Frumpy to Fabulous series. If you have missed any previous weeks you can see them all in the Frumpy to Fabulous Pinterest Board.

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  • I love flavored water, not sure why but I’ve noticed that I do a lot better when I drink regular water. I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds, might have to cut back on a few sodas as well but I love it. 🙂

  • Savannah Miller

    I have my tea/soda cut down to a small cup each day. I want to make it every other day soon and then hopefully cut it out 100%

  • Victoria H

    This is a great post. I have been trying to kick my habit of two red bulls a day but it is very hard. I have been drinking more water but it just feels like I cannot make it through the day without the red bulls.

  • Jennifer

    Love this post…we have been trying to reduce the amount of soda we all drink here..its hard though lol

  • Amy Orvin

    I am trying to reduce my soda intake , even though I drink diet.

  • Judy Gardner

    i have been drinking flavored water lately more than soda.

  • Karen Glatt

    This is doable, not to drink sugary drinks and to swap out a drink. I am doing this and drinking water. I like to squirt a Mio Water into my water and I also drink it plain. Good for my health.

  • marissa

    i only drink soda once in a great way..i mostly drink water.

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