What Does a Diamond Cut Mean?Learn the Different Types of Diamond Cuts

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Diamond cut commonly refers to two different things which are:

The cut quality – This defines how expertly the stone has been carved from the rough as well as how it reflects the light.

The diamond’s shape – This refers to the shape in which the diamond has been cut; round, oval, etc.

So what is the best cut quality?

As a buyer, you don’t have to learn all the technicalities of how to assess the diamond cut quality yourself. Your jeweler should be able to answer all your questions. However, it is a great idea to have an understanding of it before you make an expensive purchase.

The diamond’s cut quality must be fully evaluated on its evenness, depth, brilliance and total sparkle amongst other things. Did you know the quality of the cut is what makes the diamond sparkle?

Diamond brilliance is the light that comes from the stone while the fire is the flashes of light or what you would call sparkle that comes when the diamond is exposed to light. Both the brilliance and the sparkle depends on the super ideal cut diamond.

What is the best shape?

Different diamond shapes not only do have varying levels of brilliance and fire but they suit different hands and personal style. The most popular shapes include: –

  • Round cut – This is the most traditional and popular cut. It is the most sparkling of all diamond shapes because it has the most facets. Round cut diamonds are slightly more expensive than other diamonds.75% of all diamond engagement rings are round cuts because it is a versatile shape that is adaptable to any hand size.
  • Emerald cut – This means the stone’s outline is rectangular in shape and comes with sustained flashes of light as opposed to the general sparkle that is seen in diamonds. It is made of completely straight lines that create a box of mirrors effect when you look inside the stone. This vintage cut is still popular even in the modern days. It has a slimming and elongating effect on the fingers, thus making a perfect shape for wide shorthands.
  • Princess cut – This diamond is in a square shape and has a large number of facets just like the round shape.It offers exceptional sparkle and looks beautiful in all carat sizes. It has a way of flattering any hand shape or size.
  • Cushion cut – Also known as pillow cut, it is a square cut with cropped or soft rounded corners. Before the round cut diamond came, the cushion cut was the most sought after. Carrying a vintage feel with a modern brilliance, the cushion cut looks magnificent with the vintage feel and rainbow-like light reflection. This cut has a way of flattering wide fingers that love a vintage look.
  • Pear shape – This oval cut resembles a teardrop and offers maximum brilliance and fire. This pear cut displays luxury and glamour and suits shorter hands as it elongates the finger.

Take home

All cuts are unique and beautiful in their own way and everyone is attracted to a different cut. Personal preference is key in choosing what makes you feel most natural and preferable on your hand.

If you are unsure of what you want, then it’s wise to visit a jeweler who will help you chose what you need.

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