What Is It about Satin That Has Everyone Running for It?

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Whether or not you follow celebrity trends, you will have noticed that quite a few of them are stepping out dressed in satin. Celebrity style seems to go in seasons and you can find that one style is hot today and next week a new one has come up. However, satin never quite fades out.

Which begs the question…why satin? What is so alluring about it? From the Red Carpet to the boardroom, as well as the bedroom, this material is found just about everywhere. That is not to say that everyone loves it though, but don’t the majority win in most cases?

It is also the fabric for just about all occasions, from christenings to weddings to celebrity-studded events. You will find it worn by royalty as well as the excited girl going to her prom. Satin cannot be dismissed. Many a bride-to-be has chosen the satin robe as her robe of choice for her bridal team. It looks great in the photographs, especially coupled with appropriate accessories.

Satin is definitely in and it is not going out any time soon.

What is the appeal?

Consider this:

  • It is modern and sexy.
  • It is luxurious.
  • It is
  • It is expensive.

In comparison to silk, which is another favorite amongst the moneyed, satin is more easily found, yet it still possesses that air of money. It is bound to make many a fashion-conscious soul take a second lingering look.

How to wear satin

There are a variety of ways to wear satin:

  • Slip dress
  • Bomber dress
  • Gown
  • The little black dress (LBD)
  • Maxi
  • Khaki satin
  • Floral midi-length

Those who have worn it will tell you how glorious satin feels against a freshly shaved leg. It is also very easy to accessorize. You can throw a jacket or a fur stole over it.


There are so many ways to accessorize, from the usual jacket to throwing a fur stole over it. You can also pair it with stylish boots, heels or flats. It seems there is no way you can go wrong with satin.

The material is shiny and beautifully soft against the skin. It also flows gently on the body and easily molds itself to your form.

The versatility of satin does not end with dress styles as it can also be worn as pants and blouses. It is, however, quite popular in the wedding industry. You will find satin wedding dresses and gowns as well as bridesmaids’ dresses. The shiny and glamorous look of the material makes it the perfect choice for a flashy occasion such as a wedding.

Satin does not always come on its own. Sometimes you will find clothes made of a mixture of satin and silk and they are always a winner.

Therefore, finding a satin robe for your bridesmaids will not only make for a beautiful ‘thank you’ present for them to take home after the wedding, but it will also be a testament to your personal taste in fashion.

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