What You Can Claim For If You’re Called To Be A Juror

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If you are called for jury service, you might feel a whole range of emotions from fear and trepidation to excitement. Every court case is different, and the jury is a hugely important part of ensuring that justice is done fairly and correctly. Something that may worry someone if they are requested in court is money. They will have to take time off work – sometimes for many weeks, although usually for not more than 10 days, and this could have a big impact on their finances. There are, however, ways to claim for money so that you are not left out of pocket for doing the right thing.

On A Petit Jury

A petit jury is also known as a trial jury. This is the jury that will decide whether the defendant actually committed the crime. In a civil case, this is the jury that will decide whether the defendant did cause injury to the plaintiff. On such a jury, each juror will be paid $40 a day, and if the trial does extend beyond 10 days, that money will go up to $50. If you are an employee of the federal government, however, you will simply be paid your standard rate. On top of the $40, jurors can receive a ‘subsistence’ allowance which will cover their meals and lodging should they need to stay overnight somewhere during the trial. Any reasonable travel expenses will also be considered.

Grand Jury

A grand jury has to determine whether criminal charges will be brought. Jurors on a grand jury can compel documents to be produced, and witnesses to speak. Just like jurors on a petit jury, jurors on a grand jury will receive $40 a day. However, that money won’t go up until 45 days have gone by, at which point it will become $50. Transport costs and subsistence allowances are paid as well.


It could be that your employer continues to pay your salary while you are carrying out your jury service, and this is perfectly fine. However, bear in mind that federal law does not require your employer to do this, and it is always worth checking what your company or employer says in their policies about employees on jury duty. If you are paid as normal then you will still receive your $40 a day from the government as well. The good news is that the Jury Act means that your employer cannot fire you if you are part of a jury.

Be Part Of Justice

So as you can see, being in a jury is not going to cost you completely – although if you work for yourself and your income or livelihood will be at serious risk, you can ask to be excused. Being in a jury is something to be proud of – not everyone gets to do it. You’ll be able to hear expert testimonies from a digital forensic analyst, or listen to how lawyers work. You’ll have a chance to be involved in ensuring that justice is done. It’s all hugely important.

Before you join a jury, familiarize yourself with the process. It is an important duty, and one that must be taken seriously. Make sure you claim the money you deserve.

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