What You Should Know About Renu 28

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RENU 28 is a topical gel that offers skin therapy for the whole body to revitalize the appearance and health of your skin. This product uses the unique and patented Redox Signaling Technology that enhances cellular communication and helps in rejuvenating the skin cells of the body. With RENU 28 from ASEA, you are guaranteed of natural renewal of the skin, improvement of the balance and tone, and the revitalization of your youthful appearance. The product is also non-reactive and can be used together with other skin regimens for phenomenal results. Read on to know more about this incredible skin care product.

It is a unique product

Unlike most skin care products that just treat the top layer of the skin, the RENU 28 utilizes redox signaling molecules, which are crucial for the health of skin cells used in fundamental processes like cellular communication. These molecules penetrate deep into the skin to boost the health of the human skin on a cellular level. This means that your skin will not just appear healthy, but it will be healthy inside out. There is no other skin care product in the entire globe that contains redox signaling molecules and addresses the health of the skin in such a natural and unique manner.

The simplicity of four ingredients

The RENU 28 product is made up of four simple ingredients that will help transform your skin. These ingredients include water, sodium chloride, monosodium phosphate, and sodium magnesium fluorosilicate. The scientific process that the salt molecules go through is what creates the magic in this product. The base saline solution goes through an electrochemical procedure that results in new molecular structures that have the same function as the ‘redox signaling’ molecules in the human body. This helps in protecting the cells from aging and damage by interfering with the signals that oxidative aggressors cause on our basal cells.

How to use Renu 28

The ASEA RENU 28 is best used together with other products from the RENU advanced skincare line, such as cleansers or other products that utilize the redox signaling molecule technology. RENU 28 can also provide effective results when used alone. All you have to do is simply wash your skin or face before application and then massage the gel into your skin. Make sure that you focus on the trouble spots for best results. You should notice a great improvement on your skin within days of consistently using this product.


The results from using this product are supposed to be seen after the 28-day cell cycle renewal that the human body goes through. All you have to do is apply the RENU 28 on your skin twice daily or as often as necessary for best results. You will notice your skin having more life and a younger and fresher look after consistent use of this skin care product. Enjoy a beautiful, glowing skin with RENU 28.

RENU 28 skincare gel is revolutionizing the way most consumers think about the health of their skin. This product works from the outside in to boost cellular health, thus resulting in a healthier and more vibrant skin. When your skin looks good and healthy, you will be more confident and eager to share your best with the world. If you are looking for an incredible product that will transform your skin, then the RENU 28 is your best bet.

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