When Convenience Meets Cost Savings: The Many Benefits of Online Mattress Shopping

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Experts recommend that you replace your mattress once it’s become older than 7 years. This means it’s highly likely you’re going to be purchasing a few mattresses throughout your lifetime, and you certainly don’t want to end up with something that’s not going to last until that 7-year mark – especially if you’re part of the 1 in 3 adults not getting enough sleep!

And it’s for this exact reason many people are worried about purchasing mattresses online. Online shopping means you aren’t able to sit on the mattress or even see it in real-life before you purchase it, and it’s this factor that puts a lot of people off. However, there are many hidden advantages to buying a mattress online and, as long as you do your research, you’ll likely still end up with a mattress you can depend on for years to come.

Convenience and no pressure


As with almost every form of online shopping, buying a mattress online means you’re able to do so at any time from the comfort of your own home. You won’t have to make specific plans to go to the store during opening hours and you’ll never have to deal with busyness or stress.

Online shopping also completely eliminates pressure. Generally, mattresses are an extravagant purchase – and what often comes hand-in-hand with an extravagant purchase at the store? A pushy salesman! Whilst they’re clearly doing their job and often just trying to help, it can be quite overwhelming and you may feel pressured into making a decision you don’t really want to.

Higher quality for a cheaper price

Often, mattresses you’ll find online have better specifications and are made using higher premium materials. Whilst you can find mattresses of this quality in store, it’s much quicker and easier to come across them online simply because there’s a more varied choice.

Better still, buying your mattress online could save you an average of up to 15% of how much you’d spend in store! Since mattresses are often expensive, this could mount up to a lot of money. To discover more inspiration and detailed reviews of a wide variety of pre-priced mattresses, check out Sleep Scouts.

Cheaper return policy

Whilst it’s likely you’ll end up with a mattress you love online after doing your research, there’s always a chance it may arrive and isn’t quite what you imagined. When this happens with a store-bought mattress, return fees can be very expensive – online shopping generally avoids this problem.

There will still be some form of return fee for an online mattress purchase, but it’s likely to be a lot cheaper than a store’s return policy!

If convenience and cheaper prices are what you’re looking for when buying your next mattress, don’t shy away from the concept of online shopping. With a huge variety of better-quality products to choose from, shopping online for a mattress doesn’t have to be as stressful and disappointing as people assume.

Calin Yablonski is the founder of SleepScouts.com, a website dedicated to testing, rating and reviewing the world’s most popular sleep products. Stay up to date with Calin on Facebook and Twitter.

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