Why are timber frame homes considered to be the best?

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Despite the fact that we are not cooking our own meal, we like to know the ingredients that are used for preparing the food we order. Similarly, it is wise to know the ingredients that we use for framing your dream home.

Timber is the right answer when it comes to framing the construction of your home because it is known for having high-end durability. If you look into the pages of history, you will be amazed to find the strength and durability of timber. You can say that this framing is widely preferred since the last thousands of years and yet it is known for being a popular option for framing in the market.

Highly energy efficient

We all know that the efficient homes are known for being the one that keeps out the chill cold air during the winter days and brings in the cool air in the hot summer days. Due to the presence of the structural insulated panels, which is also termed as SIPs, timber-framed homes are known to be the best energy efficient homes. SIPs are nothing, but the beams that are designed around the timbers. These are so efficient that they can even reduce the effects of allergens in individuals.

Beams used in timber frames and shorter than 6×6 ensure to leave huge spaces in-between the beams, which help the air or heat to leave home. Reclaimed lumber is allowed to be used with timber frames, thus preventing the demolition of trees and the addition of rustic exterior look. You can get in touch with Mill Creek Post & Beam to get your dream home designed beautifully by experienced professionals.

Overall estimated time for construction

When it comes to the construction time, timber framing takes less time in comparison to houses designed using steel and masonry. However, the overall time is taken for manufacturing and gathering the wood is almost similar. Almost 8 to 10 weeks are required to complete the timber frame projects.

Trees are known for being a renewable source of energy and hence become an eco-conscious building material. The best part is that timber homes need less utilization of wood, which directly means fewer trees as well as reforestation. Moreover, timber frame homes make use of structural insulated panels that come with several environmental benefits including use of reduced energy, improved the indoor quality of air and less construction wastage. SIPs develop an airtight and well-insulated shell around the home. As per the studies, it has been found that homes that are designed using structural insulated panels repeatedly demonstrate an annual energy savings of say around 50 to 60% in comparison to other techniques meant for energy saving.

If you are interested in learning more about timber frame homes as well as wood building products related to timber frame structures, then stay tuned with us. Timber framing is becoming more and more popular with time. So if you are planning for a new home, it is advisable that you opt for this option.

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