Why would you Choose Polished Concrete Floor for your Home?

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Whether you are constructing a new house or renovating your home, you must be looking for some durable flooring options to choose from. You can choose from stones such as marble, limestone or granite to design your floor. You also have the option to go for a mosaic or wooden floor. But these options are quite expensive, and you may want to try something new and unique. In that case, you may consider having a polished concrete floor. It will not only save your cost but will look good and stay with you for several years as well. The best thing is that this kind of floor is heat resistant, waterproof, slip resistant and durable too. Let’s investigate it in detail.

Advantages of Installing Polished Concrete Floor

As compared to other flooring options, this kind of floor has several better advantages and benefits. Let’s take about them.

  1. In normal concrete floor, small particles of dust are pushed to the base through an upward force and this process is known as hydrostatic pressure. In this case, you can find some dust on your newly installed floor and you need to invest huge maintenance costs on them. But if you install a polished concrete floor, you can save a lot on your maintenance cost. In fact, this kind of floor is coated with epoxy materials that can resist dust, moisture and heat.
  2. Normal concrete floor are porous, and huge amount of dust, oil and moisture can get deposited inside the pores. But polished concrete floor is designed with huge amounts of adhesives that seal the pores and repel water, oil and moisture effectively. As a result, they also prevent any damages in the future, and last longer than the normal concrete floor. Itis completely staining and heat resistant.
  3. The reflective surface of the polish concrete floor spreads the lights and reduces your power consumption. You can do away with the minimal lighting system in your interiors when you have this floor in your rooms.
  4. This type of flooring has more adhesives, resin and other hardening materials with which it becomes more durable and resistant. You can install such polished floor in and around your swimming pool areas, patio and other outdoor locations as well. They are completely slip-resistant and mechanical grinding machines will increase the coefficient of friction of such floor.
  5. When you install decorative tiles or linoleum floor in your home, you invest a lot of money on their cleaning and maintenance. Apart from that, tiles are breakable, and you may need to change or repair such tiles from time to time. But polished concrete floor is highly stained resistant and you do not need to wax or strip to clean it. You can easily wipe such floor or clean the surface with your vacuum cleaner.
  6. This kind of floor does not have any volatile organic compounds (VOC)s, because of which they are considered more eco-friendly than other flooring options.
  7. After certain time, you can find some damages and cracks on your normal concrete floor. You need to seal the joints and remove the top layer of such floor to repair. But when choose polished concrete to decorate your floor, it not only decorates your floor, but it can also increase its lifespan.

For your garage and outdoor areas such as patio, driveways and swimming pool areas, you need to choose some durable flooring. These areas are heavy traffic zones and you can install polished concrete floor in your outdoor areas. This kind of floorcan bear heavy loads and it is perfect for high traffic areas. So now you can contact a few contractors in your area, compare their prices and hand over your flooring job to a quality and affordable professional.



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